Month: February 2018

K2 Visa in Thailand

If you have applied for a K-1 Visa and have a child in Thailand or your Thai fiance has a child in Thailand then the child can go with you to the Us if they have a K-2 Visa is normally is applied for with the K-1 Visa application. The requirements and rules for the K-2 Visa are as follows. Note that when applying for a K-1 Visa you need to declare the child/children on the application forms for your Fiancee’s US visa so their applications can be linked.

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Interview Questions

When you go for your interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok depending on the type of visa which you have applied for the questions are suited to the visa. These are the basics. Here is a sample of the type of questions for each visa. These would range from the fiancee visa to the marriage and CR1 visa which you might have applied for. Note that the questions in Bangkok tend to be related to the level of the relationship based on the US visa application.

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Spouse Visa

There are two options in Bangkok for a spouse visa for the US for your Thai wife. The first is a K3 Visa which is well known. There is also the CR1 Visa which is also an option. Compare now! We have listed the two US visas below so you can see how the two differ and you can speak to our immigration lawyer about which of these are best suited to you and your Thai wife.

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