Spouse Visa

There are two options in Bangkok for a spouse visa for the US for your Thai wife. The first is a K3 Visa which is well known. There is also the CR1 Visa which is also an option. Compare now! We have listed the two US visas below so you can see how the two differ and you can speak to our immigration lawyer about which of these are best suited to you and your Thai wife.

Speed to Visa

It takes longer to obtain a CR1 Visa than a K3 Visa or a K1 Fiancee Visa in Thailand. The CR1 visa can take up to 12 months to get issued where as the K1 fiancee visa would be issued within 6 months from application.

Speed to Green Card

You can get your Green Card much faster if you have a cR1 Visa compared to a K3 Visa or Fiancee visa.

Advance Parole

The holder of a K1 Fiancee visa needs advance parole. The K3 and cR1 does not require this and you can enter and leave the Us at will without making an application first.

Working in the US

Holders of a CR1 visa can start working once they get off the plane in the US. K1 and K3 Visa holder must first obtain a Green card and a Social security number before they are allowed to work in the US.

Those are the basics for the US Visa options in Thailand. Consider each carefully and speak to an immigration lawyer before you decide for yourself. If your Thai wife or fiancee is only going to be a housewife in the U.S., then the K3 or K1 visa would make more sense. If, however, she would wish to work once off the plane then the CR1 visa is your best choice.


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