US Tourist Visa Thailand

Through its beautiful beaches, amusement parks, architecture, outdoor activities, and sports, many of the Thai national wishes to enter the US as a tourist. The US Tourist Visa allows you (a Thai national) to enter the US port-of-entry and request permission of the US immigration inspector to enter the US. Before you can enter the US, you must first obtain a US Tourist Visa. This is done by making a US visa application at the US Embassy in Bangkok or US Consulate in Chiang Mai. The Tourist Visa issued by the US Embassy in Thailand can be valid for up to 10 years.

You will be eligible for a US Tourist Visa if:

  • You can prove that you are financially capable of supporting yourself throughout your stay in the US,
  • and that you will be returning to Thailand after your visit.

This means that you should provide proof of your financial status and lack of reason to stay permanently in the US. Some of the evidences you can use are listed below as proof of your financial capability.

  • Employment letter from your company. This should indicate the date of your employment, salary and other compensation paid, nature of the position (temporary or permanent), length of the vacation or other types of leave granted to the applicant
  • Certificate of ownership in a business (for self-employed applicants)
  • Letter from the Thai company you are visiting (for business travelers)
  • Personal and business bank books and bank statements (original)
  • House registrations or titles
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates (to confirm family ties)
  • Evidence of your professional status (for doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.)

US Tourist visa Application Process

  • Complete the DS-160 Online Visa Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application which can be accessed through the US Embassy in Thailand Website.
  • You should gather the required documents obtaining US Tourist Visa. The following must be submitted:
    • DS-160 Confirmation page
    • Application Fee
    • Valid Passport
    • Passport photos

Any additional requirements may be required by the immigration officer before your scheduled interview.

  • Purchase a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can purchase it online, through their call center, or by visiting the Thailand post offices
  • Schedule an interview. To make an appointment for your interview, you can contact the Visa Call Center at 001-800-13-202-2457. The call center is open Monday thru Friday from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • You must appear on the day of your interview, having all the required documents.


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