Interview Questions

When you go for your interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok depending on the type of visa which you have applied for the questions are suited to the visa. These are the basics. Here is a sample of the type of questions for each visa. These would range from the fiancee visa to the marriage and CR1 visa which you might have applied for. Note that the questions in Bangkok tend to be related to the level of the relationship based on the US visa application.

As an example fiancee visa applications tend to be about when they met compared to someone with a marriage visa application which is much deeper such as family names and dates.

Fiancee Visa

  • How did you meet
  • Where did you meet the first time
  • When is your fiancee’s birthday
  • What is his occupation
  • Where does he live
  • Does he have brothers and sisters
  • Is he divorced
  • How does your family feel about the marriage

Then there are the more complex ones for a marriage visa or CR1 Visa for your Thai wife.

 Marriage Visa

  • What is his brothers name
  • What does he do for a living
  • What are the names of your husbands children
  • What type of work does he do
  • What is his favorite color
  • Where does he live in the US
  • What is his mothers name

The questions can be complex to see how real the relationship is. Normally they do allow the attorney with the Thai women into the interview room in the event of panic or a misunderstanding. If there are any documents short the attorney can also arrange that the same day so it is good that an immigration attorney goes with to the US embassy. If you have more questions about the US visa process and procedure, please contact us or talk to us online via chat.

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