Month: January 2018

U.S. Fiancee Visa Process

The US Visa process in Bangkok starts with a meeting at our offices in Thailand. This is where the process gets started. All the needed documentation is collected and translated so that all the documents are in order. Once all the documents have been collected the process then goes to the US where the documents are submitted to the USCIS. Depending on where you live in the US this is filed with the USCIS under which your state falls.

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K1 Visa Requirements

If you are an American citizen who has a Thai fiancee then you can now apply for her K1 Visa right here in Bangkok. Firstly you need to meet the financial requirements to take your Thai fiancee back. These are the financial requirements and also the general requirements for the US visa in Thailand. Speak to a US immigration lawyer in Bangkok for more information about the requirements for each visa in Thailand.

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