US Visa Denial

There are a number of reasons why a US visa has been denied. You do need to speak to a US immigration lawyer who has the ability to view your case and appeal on the bases of which he feels that the visa was incorrectly denied. This denial can occur when you apply for a K1 Visa, K3 Visa or even a K2 visa. These are the basis of visa denial in the US.

There has always been a number of reasons why a US visa application may have been denied. In many circumstances, the U.S. visa application was denied because necessary information or at times even the supporting documents were not correctly submitted by the visa applicant or sponsor. At other times, the visa application was denied for more serious reasons. These will always be different and in Thailand, it has mainly involved drugs, deportation for the US before and/or prostitution which has made them ineligible for a US visa.

If you or your Thai fiancee or Thai wife has had her visa denied the Us government will always provide a reason for this denial which is based on the section of the law which applies for the denial of the visa. The applicant normally your wife or fiancee will also be advised by the consular officer at the US embassy in Thailand if they can apply for a waiver of their ineligibility for which the visa has been denied. Again – speak to an attorney in Thailand in the case of a visa denial.

Most common reasons globally for a visa denial:
  • Did not fully complete the visa application for the visa (common in Thailand);
  • Did not provide all the needed documents for the visa (common in Thailand);
  • Applied for the incorrect US visa;
  • Was convicted of a crime involving moral crimes; (prostitution – common in Thailand);
  • Was convicted of a drug violation in Thailand; (common in Thailand);
  • Did not demonstrate proof of proper financial requirements in the US;
  • Misrepresented a fact or committed fraud by telling lies on the application form;
  • Been deported from the US for overstaying her US visa before; (not common);

In order to get the US Visa now you need to file for a new application under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Your attorney in Thailand now has to show why the documents had been incomplete. They also need to show why and how certain circumstances have changed since you applied for the visa. This is a costly effort and does take time to ensure that when you consulate with your attorney that you ensure that you have disclosed everything and allow him/her to do the needed appeal and application again.

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