Police Clearance in Thailand

If you are going to get a US visa for your Thai wife or your Thai fiancee then you will need a police clearance certificate from Thai police. The following is what you will need for the application process and obtaining the clearance certificate. Check with your lawyer in Thailand as the what else would be needed.

Please check with Thai police as to their timeline as currently it takes 3 weeks to obtain the clearance certificate. If you can read Thai then you can check their website and the process. You can also provide this URL to your Thai wife or Thai fiancee as she will understand what is being said and provide all the needed documents for the application process in Thailand.


Thai police certificates are available from:

The Police Clearance Service Center
Building 24, Royal
Thai Police Headquarters
Rama I Road, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
Phone numbers: 0-2205-2168-9
Fax: 0-2205-1295
E-mail: pcscenter@royalthaipolice.go.th
When you apply for this certificate you need to ensure that you have the following documents with you. Check with Thai police if you need more assistance. This process takes 3 weeks to obtain the certificate.

  • Passport with one photocopy
  • Thai ID card with one photocopy
  • House registration with one photocopy
  • In case of name or surname change, surname change certificate is required
  • Military service document (Sor Dor 8 or Sor Dor 43 or the certificate)
  • Marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if available)

Police Clearance in Thailand

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