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The information below are intended to help you be informed and prepare for your US visa application at the U.S. Embassy in Thailand or U.S. Consulate in Thailand.

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U.S. Visa Interview Questions
US Visa

Interview Questions

When you go for your interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok depending on the type of visa which you have applied for the questions

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U.S. Spouse Visa Thailand
US Visa

Spouse Visa

There are two options in Bangkok for a spouse visa for the US for your Thai wife. The first is a K3 Visa which is

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U.S. Visa Application Process
US Visa

U.S. Fiancee Visa Process

The US Visa process in Bangkok starts with a meeting at our offices in Thailand. This is where the process gets started. All the needed

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U.S. Visa Financial Requirements
US Visa

K1 Visa Requirements

If you are an American citizen who has a Thai fiancee then you can now apply for her K1 Visa right here in Bangkok. Firstly

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